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(God, I hope sterling is a compliment. I wanted to sound cool.)

Taken as intended. :)


Mystery Solved

I just talked to the alleged fictional woman artisticalyhaze on Skype, and I am pleased to report that she is indeed a real, actual person who isn’t a 45-year old man, or a robot, or a pod person. She is a lovely and charming young woman who is very amused by this whole business.

So, there ya go. Anybody could find out the same thing I did, because she is very friendly.

Don’t be so quick to embrace cynicism.

Thanks for the chat, Hazel; sorry my webcam sucks.


I have eaten like a bachelor who only knows how to boil water and also hates himself. Yuck.

I actually know how to cook.

But I’m lazy.

I don’t think I hate myself.

But I also don’t think I love myself.

I am ambivalent towards myself.

But I don’t like this feeling.


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pandoranora said: My dad used to pronounce guarantee like GAR-un-tee. Drove me up a fucking wall, but I was told my German born grandfather used to pronounce liquor store as lick-wo sto. So glad he died before I was born.



sarcasticjess said: My mom always says "rasher of shit" instead of ration of shit. I never correct her though, because I think it's funny.



Do you have friends who always mis-pronounce or mis-speak something and it drives you crazy every time, but for some reason you have never found the energy to correct them? A girl I briefly lived with in Salt Lake would refer to Five Guys Burgers and Fries as “Five Guys and a Burger” every goddamn time she was talking about them. Every once in a great while I will still run into somebody who calls the show about Captain Kirk and the USS Enterprise "STAR TRACK."

What is wrong with these people’s brains? I wanna know!

Tell me your tales, friends.

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I love football but totally feel this post.

I appreciate that, thank you.


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If you didn’t give a shit, you wouldn’t post about it


So is hating on everything lots of people enjoy

I genuinely do not like football, or any other sport, but that wasn’t actually the point of the post. Football, specifically the NFL variety, has been in the news a bunch lately. I was satirizing the fact that if you are going to stop rooting for a team because of the personalities or rap sheets of players/executives in their organization, you’d have to stop rooting for any team in the NFL, so you might as well take a page out of my book and just not ever watch it. It was, how you say in your language: a joke.

Watch your football, I don’t give a shit.


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Thanks for the update, I’ll be sure to comment on your d&d bullshit

Go right ahead, but trying to start a feud between sports lovers and roleplayers is kinda high-school, don’t you think?