Okay, a guy just hit a home run with a shark, so I’m out, everybody. Enjoy your idiotic flying shark movie.


Sharknado 2 in ten minutes. I never saw the first one, but hopefully I can keep up. Sharks, tornado…what else do I need to know?


The Doctor

No, not the one who rides around in a magic space-box. I’m talking about an actual doctor, and I went to one today for the first time as an insured adult. He was Korean, which I only mention because his waiting room was filled with exclusively Asian patients, and his receptionist was an adorable Asian girl who was anywhere between 12 and 30 years of age, and there were Korean signs all over the place.

He examined me and prescribed new medications to address my hypertension. He did not, as I feared in the deepest, most racist corners of my soul, stick a bunch of needles in my dick and make me drink tiger semen. He was a very soft-spoken and polite man, and I’m comfortable with him being my doctor, even if his office doesn’t use computers. (I’m not kidding.)

Hopefully, we’ll get this hypertension under control. Wish us luck.


The Tumblr 80’s nostalgia crew never remembers crazy crap like this. They’re all swept up in John Hughes movies and Duran Duran videos, but this is the sort of stuff the 80’s was really filled with. Weird-ass crap like Max Headroom and The Art of Noise, two artifacts of the decade that are all but forgotten today.

I actually had the album this song is on (even though the version on the album has all different vocals and is longer). This is what nerds were really listening to back then, guys.


I think all of that clueless monkeying around in my computer’s guts may have made it a trifle bit faster? Maybe?

It feels less sluggish, so that’s good.

Although I did panic for a bit when I could no longer get my wireless modem to connect to the Internet.

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maximumliteralpunk replied to your post “How long have you lived with your parents? What lead you to your current living situation? On a scale of vague dreams to moving truck in the driveway, how close are you to flying the coop?”

do you think you’ll stay in the area when you move out or do you have dreams to live somewhere else entirely?

I love Oregon and wouldn’t want to ever leave. I could certainly stand to live somewhere besides Beaverton/Aloha, though. Wherever and whenever I move out, it will be to somewhere in the greater Portland metro area or one of its surrounding towns.


maximumliteralpunk said: How long have you lived with your parents? What lead you to your current living situation? On a scale of vague dreams to moving truck in the driveway, how close are you to flying the coop?

I’ve lived here since I moved back from Salt Lake, and this was motivated by the fact that my time in Utah had left me with absolutely nothing. Unfortunately for my dreams of independence, I am nowhere near affording my own place right now, sadly, but the truth is, I have it pretty good here: I sleep in the largest bedroom, I am mostly left alone, and the rent I am paying is very reasonable. I could have it a lot worse, but there are things about living with your parents that will always be irritating, and I really do want to get out of here.

Dane DeHaan and Aubrey Plaza promote their new film “Life After Beth” on GMA (x)

Good Christ, what is Aubrey Plaza thinking about doing to that guy right now? I can’t…I…I need to have a lie-down.

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Speaking of bitching about television, did you know that the TNT show Falling Skies has been renewed for a fifth and final season? On the one hand: hurrah, it’s finally ending! On the other: how did this drab, dour and boring show manage to eke out 5 seasons? Who thought it was worth that?

Do people actually like shows with monotonous color pallettes and interchangeable characters and scenes that are shot either at night or during overcast days or inside structures that all look the same?

Everything is grey.

Everything is brown.

Noah Wylie sucks and always has.

Why do people watch this? I know it shouldn’t make me so mad, but it fucking infuriates me! This show is fucking terrible. Firefly didn’t last even one season but Falling Skies gets five?

I guess Whedon should have pitched it to TNT.

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crunchierkatie replied to your post: I have broken up with girlfriends and …

Reading that honestly made me feel 100 times better about the situation I’m currently in. Thank you.

Sometime I screw up and write something meaningful that might actually help somebody. Don’t worry: I’ll be bitching about a movie or TV show here soon enough.