Anonymous said: What is your favorite flavor?


There are a lot of flavors I love. Curry flavor, the flavor of a perfectly cooked hamburger. Good, dark, chocolate. The list is immense. When you say “flavor,” do you mean “candy flavor” or “artificial flavor” or “savory flavor”? It’s kind of impossible to answer this question. Narrow it down and I’ll give it a shot, but I like a lot of foods, all of which have their own distinct flavors, and it’s a big world.

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My fart game is so strong, I could do this professionally.


I am so pumped to be getting the new D&D Player’s Handbook soon! I know I can’t stop writing about this, but 4th Edition was such a huge pile of flaming doormat poo, and this is supposed to be the remedy to that massively ill-conceived “D&D for idiots” edition, and I just…I want to make all the NPC’s and maps and shit.


Hurry up and get to my house before this D&D mania goes away!

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Dollar store find.

Dollar store find.

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I went out with the girl I am interested in to her favorite bar last night, and I can hardly speak this morning, and I am still unsure where she wants this friendship to go. I think we are both too awkward, socially, for this to advance in any way that would appear normal to an outside observer.

I met her mom last night, because she was there, and while that wasn’t as awkward as one might think, it did put a damper on my plans to perhaps talk about what’s going on and where she would like things to proceed.

I am so confused.

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I Don’t Want to Go into Work Today

Somebody come kidnap me. My address is as follows:

4567 Street Lane
Townburg, AS 12345

This is an urgent plea! Please reblog!

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On the subject of fries, why are crinkle fries so rare in the fast-food world when they are clearly the most superior form of fry? There are no Shake Shacks in Oregon (yet) and the only Del Taco in my area is kind of a pain in the ass to drive to, and nobody else serves crinkle fries around here. What the hell?

They are awesome.


When I was a kid, one of my classes would, when it rained, frequently get worms that would crawl in from the lawn outside and die on the carpet from the heat, so that we’d come in and there were dried-up worms everwhere.

I’m telling you this because I have just had a revelation as to why I think curly fries are the most disgusting fry.


endearedangel replied to your post: Note to all future D&D players in …

Whats a drow?

A dark elf. They have black skin, are evil and live live underground and worship giant spider dieties or some crap and they appeal to wounded emo types and they are super lame (and kinda racist, in that “black-evil” way that so much Tolkein-derived fantasy literature follows) and I won’t have them moping around my game.


Note to all future D&D players in my games: none of you will be playing a drow, ever. I don’t care what the hell it says in the Player’s Handbook. No. Gimme that goddamn book. No.

*scribbles Sharpie all over the drow sub-race description*